BuzzTV is one of the leading manufacturers of Android IPTV receivers and HDMI VidSticks.

Available all BuzzTV 4. series XRS-4000 , XR-4500 , XRS-4500 , XRS-4500 MAX or 5 Series XRS-4900.
Available BuzzTV VidSticks ST-4000 , VidStick + ST-4000 and VidStick MAX ST-4000.
Also model BuzzTV StreamPRO G1 and all accessories BuzzTV in stock.

Shipping worldwide, next day delivery and B2B prices from, EU warehouse.


In this fast growing world of fights with cheaper prices in order to survive will many times have a negative effect on customer friendly and good aftersales... Dvbmarket is a unique business where the staff is friendly, professional! Look no further and as you found the best EU company. Thanks Martin for helping me

Peter John Bosse, 6 months ago


I have purchased a box from this website and it was shipped on time with no delay, however it was not what I expected so I wanted to return it . After explaining the reason to them as there was no issue with the box but I found it hard and too advanced for me and my kids; they accepted the return with no hassle . Very professional and responsive. I was following up with the return process to make sure they get the package and whenever I have a question or doubt; they assured me and answered all my questions . They are really responsive. I really recommend this website , one of the best company I dealt with.

Abubaker Baomar, 7 months ago


I absolutely recommend this shop, fast shipping to France Amazing ordering experience with DVBMarket Ltd. I Thanks and keep up your good work DVBMarket. Highly recommended.

Vieira Frederic, 4 months ago

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