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Export to South America ! Brasil, Argentina, Chile,..

Are you from one of South American countries and you would like to buy satellite, cable or iptv goods from our internet shop ?

Piccollino LED and Proton T265 from Edision !

New Arrivals from Edision ! Piccollino LED and PROTON T265

Powercam PRO V5.5 - Real PRO CAM !

Up to 16 Services from several systems on the CATV, Satellite, Terrestrial Equipment in MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 !

Working days during end of year 2016 !

DVBMarket e-shop is OPEN during whole december 2016 / january 2017 from Monday to Friday excluding those days :

Edision Amiko Powercam Neotion SMIT DREAM Multimedia EMP Centauri GT SAT Inverto Relook Infomir Gibertini Globo Global Invacom Promax Cabelcon Schwaiger Germany Optibox Synaps Opticum DVBMarket Zgemma LEM ELETTRONICA ISKRA Televes Medialink Maximum Galaxy Innovations Sony Entertainment Fracarro AB Cryptobox IQON Econ Lemco UBIQUITI Asus TVIP RU