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EDISION was founded on April 2002 in Germany. The objective was production and sale of satellite television systems to a network of wholesale suppliers as well as in retail shops. On November 2003, EDISION presents the first satellite receiver under it's own brand name along with the full range of products such as LNB's, Coaxial and A/V cables, Multiswitches, Modules, etc., while on June 2003 becomes the sole distributor of Free-X tv Europewide.

March 2004 is the date that EDISION moves to new, bigger warehouse facilities and deals solely with wholesale distribution of EDISION, EMME ESSE and Free-X-TV brand names, laying the foundation for an even more successful business presence and product representation in the European market.

The steadily successful commercial presence in the German market, quickly evolved in a wide spectrum of bussiness partnership with specialized shops all around Europe, in a market considered to be one of the most demanding ones.

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