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Televes DAT BOSS MIX 790 LTE

Brand: Televes

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Packed in foil.

Mixed antenna for BIII (174-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790/862 MHz) reception. In "790" version LTE band is filtered out through the design of the antenna, so the frecuency range of UHF band is 470-790MHz.

  • The UHF section is a triple Yagi antenna consisting of an special "doble U dipole", a corner reflector, and director which are distributed into 3 stacked Yagis fed in phase to obtain better gain, high directivity and well balanced bandwidth. The arrangement on th 3 Yagis cancels the power radiated either towards the ground or to the sky.
  • The BIII section is also a Yagi style antenna of 3 elements, with 1 dipole and 2 reflectors.
  • The structure is based on the well known DAT HD antenna with additional BIII elements. The BossTech is activated or not depending on the power supply voltage. The regulation of the gain affects both signals to the VHF and UHF.
  • F connector.
  • Made of alluminium for long life.
Reference 149401
 Operating mode BOSS OFF BOSS ON
 Channels Ch. 5-12 21-60  5-12 21-60
 Gain dB 8,5 16 21 31 max
 Output level Auto
 Noise figure dB  - 2 typ
 Powering voltage Vdc 0 12-24
 Consumption mA - 40
 Length 1200
 Wind load N 120 (800 N/m²)
165 (1100 N/m²)

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I absolutely recommend this shop, I have already purchased twice here and my realtives have bought by my recommendation as well :) always fast shipping. In case of technical problems always prompt response and quick resolution. I recommend contacting with Lucas, very helpful advice and friendly contact :)

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I absolutely recommend this shop, fast shipping to France Amazing ordering experience with DVBMarket Ltd. I Thanks and keep up your good work DVBMarket. Highly recommended.

Vieira Frederic, 7 months ago


Fantastic!! Price, shipping, communication all a 10

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