Connectors Cabelcon F-59 3.9 self install ( 100pcs )

Cabelcon F-59 3.9 self install ( 100pcs )

Brand: Cabelcon

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The next generation of Cabelcon Self-Install™

used  for home installations. Installation is easy, simple and more precise than

ever before.

Self-Install™ is easy to push on. The connector is automatically fastening to the cable as the connector is installed. It remains

fastened – also after dismounting from the unit

Operational to 3 GHz

Waterproof versions available*

Easy and safe installation in seconds

One-piece connectors – no loose parts

No compression or special tools needed

Plated with our unique Nitin-6™ plating

Unique Self-Install™ compression system

Professional quality and excellent performance

Simple instructions – can be installed by anyone

Fits many standard RG6/59 cables (3.9+4.9+5.1+4.9 Q)

Technical Data (Typical)

Operational to 3 GHz

Impedance 75 Ohm

Shielding Eff. 30-862 MHz 110 dB

Shielding Eff. 862-3000 MHz 90 dB

Transfer Impedance 5-1000 MHz <5 mOhm

Return loss@1000 MHz (typ) 37 dB

Return loss@3000 MHz (typ) 28 dB

IMD (3rdorder@2x100mW) -120dBc

IMD (IP3 value) +80 dBm

AMP rating cable data

Max. Tensile strength (overall) 200 N

Easy on - impossible off!

Installation is easy, simple and more precise than ever before. Strip the cable and push on the connector. The Cabelcon Self-Install™ connector is automatically fastening to the cable without a compression tool.

And you can't get it off! The typical pull strength is better than cable specification.

Self-Install™ - also for professionals

Self-Install™ is also for the professional installer. Both electrical and mechanical connector performance is up to the professional standards. Self-Install™ is available both for indoor and outdoor applications.

Product ID : 99909404-01

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