Connectors Cabelcon Cabelcon F-CX3 4.5 QM SHORT (100pcs)

Cabelcon F-CX3 4.5 QM SHORT (100pcs)

Brand: Cabelcon

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Fits cable within the following diameters:
Outer conductor (Outer Conductor): 3.0 to 3.7 mm
Coat (Jacket): 4.3 to 4.9 mm
  • Attention! It can only freely adjustable or compression pliers with Cabelcon CX3 Short Adapter (compression slope 5 mm shorter than standard CX3) are used. (For example, 3H-CTU06 - Universal Compression Tool CX3 Multimedia Tool CX3 All Size Tool)
  • Easy installation without Kraftaufwand- it is placed under the braid tube no more.
  • Location: indoor and outdoor use. The connector is 100% waterproof.
  • Caution when used in conjunction with a cable with inner conductor diameter of less than 0.6 to 0.7 mm! Most simple F sockets komtaktieren then no longer safe. Use in this case possible to FM 60 4.5 connector with push pin.
  • Attention! Be sure to observe the installation: at Quick Mount plugs the braid must NOT be repulsed.In addition, all shielding sheets have to be removed over the braid.
  • VPE: 50

catalogue id : 99909409-01

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Fantastic!! Price, shipping, communication all a 10

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I have purchased a box from this website and it was shipped on time with no delay, however it was not what I expected so I wanted to return it . After explaining the reason to them as there was no issue with the box but I found it hard and too advanced for me and my kids; they accepted the return with no hassle . Very professional and responsive. I was following up with the return process to make sure they get the package and whenever I have a question or doubt; they assured me and answered all my questions . They are really responsive. I really recommend this website , one of the best company I dealt with.

Abubaker Baomar, 10 months ago


Excellent service

Nedka Petrova, 6 months ago

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