Connectors Cabelcon Cabelcon FM-60-CX3 MINI 4.5 (100pcs)

Cabelcon FM-60-CX3 MINI 4.5 (100pcs)

Brand: Cabelcon

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Fits cable within the following diameters:

Outer conductor (Outer Conductor): 3.0 to 3.7 mm
Coat (Jacket): 4.3 to 4.9 mm

  • It can all compression pliers for Cabelcon CX3 connectors RG6 / be used 59
  • Easy installation without Kraftaufwand- it is placed under the braid tube no more.
  • Siting: Indoors. The plug is not waterproof.
  • Secure contacting in F sockets by the push pin principle: The F connector brings his own inner conductor. This is embedded in the delivery condition in the F-connector. By the insertion of the stripped cable, the pin of the F-connector through the cable attachments conductor is pushed into the correct position; simultaneously the inner conductor of the cable of contact terminals is fixated. To secure the contact in an F socket is guaranteed even with inner conductors of less than 0.6 mm in diameter, moreover, is thus also easily visible when the cable has been inserted far enough into the plug.
  • Attention! When installing observe - at Quick Mount plugs the braid must not be repulsed. In addition, all shielding sheets have to be removed over the braid.
  • VPE: 100

Catalogue id : 99909404-05

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