News BuzzTV Android boxes distribution

BuzzTV Android boxes distribution

BuzzTV Android boxes distribution

We are glad and proudy to inform you that DVBMarket became BuzzTV distributor !

BuzzTV are Reliable Android boxes developed in Canada, with high technical standards.

Offering own Platform BuzzTV 5 and are based on Android 9 & Android 10 System.

You can find BuzzTV models with a good price but very good technical parameters like BuzzTV Essentials Series - E1 , E2 or Essentials E2 SE

Top line and a the best seller for exacting customer is BuzzTV XRS-4900 with 4GB RAM & 128 GB Flash Memory and latest CPU version.

All BuzzTV Settopboxes and accessories portfolio can find on our site HERE

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Great seller, fast delivery and excellent quality, I will gladly buy from you again.

Galin Spasov, 2 weeks ago


Experienced sellers that leads to happy buyers

Ylli Alia, 4 months ago


I absolutely recommend this shop, I have already purchased twice here and my realtives have bought by my recommendation as well :) always fast shipping. In case of technical problems always prompt response and quick resolution. I recommend contacting with Lucas, very helpful advice and friendly contact :)

Marzena Matuszewska, 10 months ago

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