News BuzzTV Android boxes distribution

BuzzTV Android boxes distribution

BuzzTV Android boxes distribution

We are glad and proudy to inform you that DVBMarket became BuzzTV distributor !

BuzzTV are Reliable Android boxes developed in Canada, with high technical standards.

Offering own Platform BuzzTV 5 and are based on Android 9 & Android 10 System.

You can find BuzzTV models with a good price but very good technical parameters like BuzzTV Essentials Series - E1 , E2 or Essentials E2 SE

Top line and a the best seller for exacting customer is BuzzTV XRS-4900 with 4GB RAM & 128 GB Flash Memory and latest CPU version.

All BuzzTV Settopboxes and accessories portfolio can find on our site HERE

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Amazing ordering experience with DVBMarket Ltd. I ordered and within an hour order was processed and delivery tracking code provided. They were too fast and after receiving the product I found my order perfect and exactly as per my order. Will love to order from them again. Thanks and keep up your good work DVBMarket. Highly recommended. ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

Sreejith R Mohan, 11 months ago


Fantastic customer service. Easy communication and quick response to requests. Top products. Have shopped here a lot in recent years. Highly recommended????

Mr. “BÆRNEZ” Larsen, 5 months ago


Excellent treatment and service. That's how it feels good!!

Rubén Ramírez, 3 months ago

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