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Satelite offset Dish 180 cm

Brand: DVBMarket

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Satelite offset Dish 180 cm

Technical specification

Effective Reflector Size 1800 x 1950 mm
Operating Frequency  10,7÷12,8 GHz
Gain 10,7 GHz  44 dBi 
11,3 GHz  44,5 dBi 
12,6 GHz  45,4 dBi
3dB Beamwidth 10,7 GHz   1,1° (deg)
11,3 GHz   1,1° 
12,6 GHz   1,0° 
Focal Length 1100 mm
Offset Angle 25,8° (deg)
Feed Clamp Diameter 23/40/60 mm
Max. Mast Pipe Size  95 mm
Operating Temperature °C (deg) -40 to +50
Reflector Material Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy (resistant to salt, air pollution)
Colour light grey (other colours also possible)
Package Size 1950 x 210 x 1810 mm(outside dimensions) 1÷4 units in Cardboard box

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In this fast growing world of fights with cheaper prices in order to survive will many times have a negative effect on customer friendly and good aftersales... Dvbmarket is a unique business where the staff is friendly, professional! Look no further and as you found the best EU company. Thanks Martin for helping me

Peter John Bosse, 6 months ago


Very professional communications. Impressive speed of response to emails with help at checkout and shipping was sent the same day . Excellent product quality. Very satisfied with the overall experience. I Recommended the DVBMarket Ltd ????????????????????????

darrin andrews, 4 months ago


Fantastic company to deal with. Great communication, support and dispatch times

Andrew Fiorentino, 4 months ago

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