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Fracarro Sigma 6HD LTE

Brand: Fracarro

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New model for the Sigma Series!  The SIGMA 6HD LTE is designed specifically to reduce LTE  interference.  It's  unique  electrical  design  and  built in SAW filter inside the dipole enables superb selectivity  maintaining high gain within the full TV band.

Fracarro's  original  patented  design  enables  excellent directivity  (with  the  maximum  reduction  of  interference)  and  a  high  gain  comparable  with  an  aerial  twice  its length.  Sigma  aerials  have  fully  pre-assembled  director elements, mast connection, reflector support and dipole saddle.  

They   can   therefore   be   installed   quickly   and   easily  without needing any tools.

6 elements
SAW filter inside the dipole
Wideband UHF aerial for TV reception
Dipole with F connector
H or V polarisation
Maximum mast clamp diameter 60mm
Double reflector
Impedance 75 Ohm
Selectivity 35dB in 30MHz (790-820MHz)

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