Internet Acc Points PBE M5 300 UBIQUITI PowerBeam 22dBi

PBE M5 300 UBIQUITI PowerBeam 22dBi


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PowerBeam builds on the previous highly successful NanoBridge product line. It contains more powerful hardware and a robust construction. The construction has been maximally simplified and installation in the field is now faster and more convenient, for the sake of interest I would mention the button for releasing the radiator, which was a problem with the older generation. Inside the PowerBeam there is a powerful MIPS processor Atheros 74KC with a frequency of 560MHz, which is seconded by 64MB of DDR2 type memory and 8MB Flash memory.


The network port supports 10/100 Ethernet and can be used to power the unit with passive PoE 24V / 0.5A (active PoE according to 802.3af is not supported). The theoretical maximum throughput of the unit is 300Mbit (MCS15, 802.11n, 2x2MIMO, at a channel width of 40MHz). InnerFeed ™ technology integrates the radio part into the radiator from the antenna, thus eliminating the potential loss on the RF cable.


Antena 22 dBi
CPU Atheros MIPS 74Kc, 560 MHz
Weigh 1.203 kg
Electrical 24V, 0.5A PoE
RAM 64 MB DDR2, 8 MB Flash
Using outside
Temp -40 to 70° C
Type desktop
ETH (1) 10/100Mbps
Dimensions (mm) 325 x 325 x 256 mm
Starting Password ubnt / ubnt

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