Connectors Cabelcon F-56 4.9 self install ( 100pcs )

Cabelcon F-56 4.9 self install ( 100pcs )

Brand: Cabelcon

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The next generation of Cabelcon Self-Install ™ is a unique quality product
designed for the replacement of inferior screw connections - often used
for home installations. The installation is simple, simple and accurate
never before.
Self-Install ™ is easy to put on - but does not dissipate. The plug is
automatic attachment to the cable when the plug is installed. remains
attached - even after removal from the device

Operation up to 3 GHz
Waterproof versions available *
Easy and safe installation in seconds
One-piece plug - no loose parts
No compression or special tools required
Encased with our unique Nitin-6 ™ coating
Unique Self-Install ™ compression system
Professional quality and excellent performance
Simple instructions - can be installed by anyone
Fits many standard RG6 / 59 cables (3.9 + 4.9 + 5.1 + 4.9 Q)

Technical data (typical)
Operation up to 3 GHz
Impedance 75 ohms
Shield 30-862 MHz 110 dB
Shield 862-3000 MHz 90 dB
Transmission impedance 5-1000 MHz <5 mOhm
Return loss @ 1000 MHz (typ) 37 dB
Return loss at 3000 MHz (typ.) 28 dB
IMD (3rd order @ 2x100mW) -120dBc
IMD (IP3 value) +80 dBm
AMP rating cable data
Max. Tensile strength (total) 200 N

Just open - impossible!
Installation is easier, easier, and more accurate than ever. Strip the cable and press the plug - that's how easy it is
The Cabelcon Self-Install ™ connector is automatically attached to the cable without a compression tool. And you can not take it off! The typical tensile strength is better than the cable specification.
Self-Install ™ - also for professionals
Self-Install ™ is also for the professional installer. The electrical and mechanical plug performance meets professional standards. Self-Install ™ is available for indoor and outdoor use.
Self-Install ™ - now waterproof versions available
The waterproof Self-Install ™ is equipped with two EPDM O-rings - one
placed in the body part and behind the nut to prevent the ingress of moisture. However, to ensure that the connection from the interface is completely watertight, we strongly recommend installing an external rubber seal.

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