S/T/C meters Schwaiger SF 9002 011

Schwaiger SF 9002 011

Brand: Schwaiger

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Schwaiger SF 9002 011

SAT Finder HD The alternative to professional meters!

This splash-proof SCHWAIGER® SAT finder Allows for fast and easy finding of satellite positions and optimum alignment of a satellite antenna. Good readability of the signal strength and quality - thanks to bright LEDs - facilitates alignment enormously. The SAT finder is equipped with an integrated lithium polymer battery and is Suitable for all common LNBs.

  • precise signal indicator
  • DiSEqC function to select Monoblock LNBs
  • displays the satellite within seconds (at max. signal level)
  • suitable for all single, twin, quad, quattro, monoblock and Unicable (Legacy Port) LNBs
  • clear display of all data due to bright LEDs
  • light-emitting diodes with broad measurement range
  • power supply via integrated battery
  • update with Mini USB data cable via computer
  • splash-proof IP54
  • detailed display of signal strength
  • fast and easy alignment of a satellite antenna to up to 18 satellite positions

accessories (included)

1x power supply unit 12V DC / 2A
1x car charging cable 12V DC
1x BNC adapter
1x 1 m connection cable
1x 1 m Mini USB cable


Dimensions (height) 165 mm
(width) 92mm
(depth) 27 mm
Power supply 12 V DC
Connections 1 x BNC socket
Power consumption without LNB 4 W
Material of product splashproof Plastic
Display LEDs (LED)
SKU Schwaiger SF 9002 011

Preset satellite positions

30° West / HISPASAT 05° East / ASTRA 4 23,5° East / ASTRA 3
08° West / EUTELSAT 8 07° East / EUTELSAT 7 26,0° East / BADR
07° West / NILESAT 09° East / EUTELSAT 9 28,5° East / EUTELSAT 28
05° West / EUTELSAT 5 13° East / HOTBIRD 39,0° East / HELLAS SAT2
04° West / AMOS 16° East / EUTELSAT 16 42,0° East / TÜRKSAT
01° West / THOR 19,2° East / ASTRA 53,0° East / EXPRESS AM22

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