IPTV Infomir MAG 424 IPTV

Infomir MAG 424 IPTV

Brand: Infomir

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€ 89,00

Brand new model of IPTV box, MAG 424 from Ukrainian Infomir factory with Android / Linus OS and Supports of 4K Video. Infomir MAG 424 is future of your IPTV services if you are provider or Infomir MAG424 for sure hit your needs with his reliability and speed if you are End User. Enjoy. Available also MAG 424w3 with Dual Band Wifi on board. Comming soon.

Infomir MAG 424 is closed platform for operator use, for end user user use you have to try MAG 410 IPTV 4K. 

Customers that order MAG 424 will receive MAG 410 4K.  

It is the most efficient set-top box of MAG series with quad-core processor Cortex-A53. MAG424 has 2 Gb of operative and 8 Gb flash memory, what is good enough to playback and store the high-quality video. Set-top box reproduces the HEVC-compressed files. This means the network load will be lower even when delivering 4K content. What’s more MAG410 is equipped with 3 USB inputs and in-built Wi-Fi adapter.

4K and HEVC support, built-in Wi-Fi module (b/g/n 1x1), OS Android 6.0.1,
2 GB RAM, 8 GB Flash.

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