Cables COAX cables Schwaiger KOX 44/20 012

Schwaiger KOX 44/20 012

Brand: Schwaiger

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KOX 44/20 012

SAT Quattro Coaxial Cable (75 dB)

This SCHWAIGER® coaxial cable is used with satellite and cable TV systems. It is perfect for narrow cable shafts. Each of the four colour-coded cable strands is doubly shielded, which makes for less signal interference. The cable can be shortened to any length desired and be equipped with compatible F connectors. A suitable stripping tool is available from SCHWAIGER®.

  • 4 integrated cable strands, individually shielded and labelled with colours
  • suitable for subsequent installation and direct connection to LNBs
  • shielded twice for low susceptibility to electromagnetic interference
  • high shielding efficiency guaranteed
  • moisture-resistant with high long-term stability
  • high density and very good shielding efficiency


Shielding Double shielding
Cable length 20 meters
Shielding value 80 dB / 50 – 470 MHz
75 dB / 470 – 1000 MHz
65 dB / 1000 – 2400 MH
Color White
Shielding material 4x aluminum compound foil 
96-wire aluminum braid
Inner conductor - material Cu
Cable structure 0.5 mm (inner conductor)
3.8 mm (dielectric)
12.8 mm (outer coat)
Sheat - material Plastic (PVC)
Attenuation at 20 meters                  2.2 db at 100 MHz            7.5 db at 950 MHz
4.6 db at 470 MHz           10.1 db at 1750 MHz
7.0 db at 860 MHz           11.3 db at 2150 MHz
Impedance 75 ohm
SKU KOX 44/20 012

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