Cables COAX cables Cable RG6U BC TRISHIELD ( 250m ) - White

Cable RG6U BC TRISHIELD ( 250m ) - White

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Product description

High quality coaxial cable.

250m white coaxial cable placed in carton with feeder which enable to unroll wire in comfortable way.

Application for terrestrial , satellite and cable installations, particularly used for collective installations.

Technical parameters:

colour:  white

Dimension :
Jacket, mm : 7.04, PVC (ROHS rated PVC ):  

Conductor, mm: 1,02 Bare Copper

Insulation, mm: 4,57 Foam PE

Shielding, mm: Bonded Aluminum Foil (T-0.051, W-18)

Braiding, Coverage 0,12x5X 16 AL wire ( coverage : 61 % )

Second shieldding, mm Al/PET ( T-0,025,W-20 )

Shielding >  100dB

Impedance : 75 Ohm

Range of work temperrature -40°C- +70°C  

Nominal Capacitade :50+/3,0pF

Inner conductor,Ohms/km – 21 Ohms/km

Outer conductor,Ohms/km – 38 Ohms/km    

Electrical requirements
attenuation at 20°C, dB/100m   

pri 50 Mhz: 4,77 dB
pri 200 MHz:8,25 dB
pri 400 MHz:12,92 dB
pri 800 MHz:17,80 dB
pri 1000 MHz:19,94 dB
pri 2150 MHz:29,96 dB

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Fantastic!! Price, shipping, communication all a 10

Edgar Bakhshiyan, 3 months ago


I have purchased a box from this website and it was shipped on time with no delay, however it was not what I expected so I wanted to return it . After explaining the reason to them as there was no issue with the box but I found it hard and too advanced for me and my kids; they accepted the return with no hassle . Very professional and responsive. I was following up with the return process to make sure they get the package and whenever I have a question or doubt; they assured me and answered all my questions . They are really responsive. I really recommend this website , one of the best company I dealt with.

Abubaker Baomar, 10 months ago


I have ordered from DVBMarket several times now and transactions with are easy, quick and hassle free. Highly recommended!

George Harvey, 4 months ago

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