Accessories TV-Sat Surge Protector SIGNAL (F-plug/F-socket)

TV-Sat Surge Protector SIGNAL (F-plug/F-socket)

Brand: DVBMarket

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Signal surge protector - an ideal device for everyone who cares for their TV and satellite equipment: multiswitch, satellite receiver, television, stereo - the best precautionary measure against thunderstorms that can happen not only in the summer, but also in the fall and springtime. The device can be operated in the whole TV/SAT frequency range. It can take over surges up to 8000 A. 

Name Signal Surge Protector
Code R48602
Standard compliance CE

Operating band [MHz]

5 - 1000 (1G)
1000-2400 (2G)
Input (matching connector) F socket
Output (matching connector) F plug
Insertion loss [dB] 0.8 (typical; max  ≤ 1.0) in  1G
1.2 (typical; max ≤ 1.5) in 2G
Return loss [dB] 12 (typical; min.  10 )
Maximum current (8/20 µs) [kA] 8
Impedance [Ω] 75
DC pass-through YES
DC breakdown voltage at 100 V/s [V] 230 ± 42 
Screening efficiency [dB] >90dB (EN 50083-2/A1; A class)
Protection level at 1 kV/µs [V] ≤ 800


Amazing ordering experience with DVBMarket Ltd. I ordered and within an hour order was processed and delivery tracking code provided. They were too fast and after receiving the product I found my order perfect and exactly as per my order. Will love to order from them again. Thanks and keep up your good work DVBMarket. Highly recommended. ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

Sreejith R Mohan, 8 months ago


I have purchased a box from this website and it was shipped on time with no delay, however it was not what I expected so I wanted to return it . After explaining the reason to them as there was no issue with the box but I found it hard and too advanced for me and my kids; they accepted the return with no hassle . Very professional and responsive. I was following up with the return process to make sure they get the package and whenever I have a question or doubt; they assured me and answered all my questions . They are really responsive. I really recommend this website , one of the best company I dealt with.

Abubaker Baomar, 7 months ago


I have ordered from DVBMarket several times now and transactions with are easy, quick and hassle free. Highly recommended!

George Harvey, a month ago

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